With the slogan: “We do what we commit”.CPA A Chau always has a strong desire, accompanied by continuous efforts in the journey to become one of the leading companies providing audit, accounting and tax consulting services in Vietnam.

With humility, curiosity, and progress, we continually cultivate and update new professional knowledge, ready to listen to customers' opinions, overcome limitations, constantly promoting strengths. Step by step, we will become a reliable destination for all organizations, investors, where all problems, questions are supported, answered, accompanied by good quality service and the most professional.



For customers: Pioneer brings the best service packages and solutions to customers, meeting all the needs from investors and organizations to the maximum, thereby contributing to lifting efficiency of business and financial activities.

For staff: We create a professional work environment where every individual is part of the family. In addition to proper and reasonable personnel policy, we give our staff adequate remuneration for both welfare and training, promotion opportunities...this is a premise for staff to learn, create and devote themselves to work with spirit and passionate heart.

For society: Constantly learning, studying both professional and legal knowledge, consistent with management practices and current regulations of Vietnam, committed to complying with the most rigorous operating procedures.