Consulting services for valuation of businesses and assets

In the early stages of economic development, a large part of the assets in the economy is not considered a commodity, the concept of price is only nominal. Specifically: land is a major and special means of production, owned by the entire people, not allowed to exchange and trade. Other major production materials such as factories, machines, equipment and the production line are also considered a special commodity that cannot be exchanged on the market. In addition, the principles and methods of price formation of assets do not take into account the market factors. Sometimes even the full cost of producing assets is not fully calculated. If it has valuation, it will be merely an inventory and assessment in terms of quantity and quality of assets, ability to serve production and business and build a mechanism for asset management... The concept of valuation of assets at market prices does not appear and does not make sense in this period.

The development of independent valuation services in Vietnam has a great impact, changing nature when it brings the value of assets closer to the market. It ensures to serve different needs about the price that was previously dependent on fixed price brackets has not been scientifically guaranteed.

All the needs of determining asset value are feasible with the purpose of knowing the exact value of your assets to meet the needs of individuals, organizations or as prescribed by law. Valuation helps customers avoid risks as well as increase efficiency in transactions. We have many highly specialized staff in the valuation industry with many years of experience dealing with applications. Along with time and reasonable costs and we always ensuring the legitimate interests of the parties.

 All methods applied are based on market information, specific evidence and reliability. Based on our analysis and scientific identification, professional and true nature of each asset, we always give reasonable results in accordance with each purpose.