The work of accountants plays a very important role for the business process of enterprises; however, most businesses have not really considered this work until Tax finalization, and they have to pay a large tax.

Changing accounting regularly will bring incalculable consequences because books are not stored and handed over properly.

We are CPA A Chau Audit and Advisory Company Limited. Our mission is to ensure that we will help Enterprises build and maintain a transparent, clear and accurate accounting system according to regulations of the law.


1. Consult the use of input and output invoices reasonably.
2. Receive invoices and accounting vouchers at place.
3. Classify and check the validity of original documents and the balance of input and output VAT.
4. Set up tax declaration, declare personal income tax, report on the use of invoices, temporarily calculate corporate income tax.
5. Submit tax reports to tax authorities as prescribed.
6. Complete documents and make accounting books
7. Set up accounting documents: Import, export, revenue and payment
8. Set up detailed books for calculation of product prices, warehouses books, receivable and payable books.
9. Set up allocation forms, depreciation ... according to regulations
10. Set up payroll, labor-related forms.
11. Make a ledger of accounts
12. Create a general diary
13. Prepare corporate income tax finalizaton and personal income tax finalization.

14. Prepare financial statements at the end of the year


1. Supply input and output invoices
2. Supply digital signature device to submit tax reports online.


1. Perform fully and on schedule the following tasks: Arrange and classify vouchers, make and deliver accounting books to customers including detailed books of accounts, general books, ... in accordance with current accounting regulations and standards.
2. Draft texts and documents at the request of competent agencies when implementing accounting service contents.
3. Receive invoices and vouchers at the head office of the Enterprise
4. Take full responsibility on all documents, records, financial statements, accounting reports made by CPA A Chau Accountant based on data and documents provided by
customers ( Valid invoice documents as prescribed by law)
5. Take responsibility to explan the tax accounting documents when state agencies have a
request for accounting data made by us
6. Commit and be responsible for confidentiality of customers' accounting information.
Free consultancy for businesses related issues.
7. Commitment to comply with books in accordance with law.