The work of accountants plays a very important role in the business process of an enterprise; However, most businesses do not really take this job seriously until tax finalization and having to pay a large tax amount.

Changing accounting frequently will bring unpredictable consequences because books are not stored and handed over properly.

We are CPA HCM Audit and Advisory Company Limited. Our mission is to help businesses build and maintain a transparent, clear and accurate accounting system in accordance with the law.


  1. Consulting on appropriate use of input and output invoices.
  2. Receive invoices and accounting documents on-site.
  3. Classify and check the validity of original documents and input and output VAT balances.
  4. Prepare tax declarations, declare personal income tax, report on the use of invoices, and temporarily calculate corporate income tax
  5. Submit tax reports to tax authorities according to regulations.
  6. Complete documents and prepare accounting books.
  7. Prepare accounting documents: Inport, export, revenue, payment.
  8. Prepare detailed books to calculate products costs, inventory books, receivables and payables books.
  9. Prepare forms for allocation, depreciation ... according to regulations.
  10. Prepare forms related to payroll and labor.
  11. Prepare ledger accounts.
  12. Create a general diary.
  13. Prepare corporate income tax finalization and personal income tax finalization.
  14. Prepare year-end financial statements.



  1. Provide input and invoices.
  2. Provide digital signature equipment to submit tax reports online.


  1. Completely and on schedule the following tasks: Arrange, classify documents, prepare and deliver accounting books to customers including detailed accounting books, general books, ... according to the regime, current accounting standards.
  2. Draft documents and documents at the request of competent authorities when performing accounting services.
  3. Receive invoices and documents at the Enterprise's headquarters
  4. Take full responsibility for all documents, records, financial reports, and accounting reports prepared by CPA HCM accounting based on data and documents provided by customers (Valid invoice documents according to the provisions of law)
  5. Responsible for explaining tax accounting documents when available by state agencies request accounting data from us.
  6. Commit and take responsibility for keeping customer information confidential; accounting information. Free consultation on business-related issues.
  7. Commit to keeping records according to the provisions of law.