Investment audit and capital construction services:

- Helping state agencies and superior units to use for management and administration according to their assigned functions and tasks.
- Helping investors to detect, handle and prevent timely errors that may occur in the operation of the unit, serving the management and operation of Company, making the investment environment healthy.

General requirements for audit work

The purpose of the audit of the completed project settlement report is to provide an independent opinion of the auditor about the investment capital settlement of the project. The audit must be conducted in accordance with Vietnamese AudiT Standards, accepted International Audit Standards in Vietnam and the current independent audit regulations in Vietnam. The audit aims to check and confirm the completed project settlement report of the items, check the completeness and appropriateness of the accounting work, check the correctness of the criteria of assets, capital and debt. Legality of original documents, economic contracts and acceptance records.

Specific requirements on audit content

The audit of the completed project settlement report for the items will be carried out in accordance with the guidance in Circular No. 33/2007 / TT-BTC dated April 9, 2007 of the Ministry of Finance, Standard No. 1000 audit The report on the final settlement of investment capital, issued together with Decision No. 03/2005 / QD- BTC of January 18, 2005 of the Minister of Finance.

The audit content is as follows:

a. Verifying legal documents of the project;
b. Verification of investment capital sources for project implementation;
c. Examination of investment costs;
d. Verification of costs does not count toward the value of the property;
e. Verification of valuation of assets handed over to the units of the project;
e. Verification of liabilities, materials, equipment and equipment recovered;
f. Considering the implementation of conclusions of inspection and examination agencies (if any);
g. Reviewing and submitting to the competent authorities to resolve the proposals of investors (if any)

The audit report together with the Management Letter (if necessary) issued by the independent Auditor. They will provide the Audit Report to determine the settlement value according to the schedule in accordance with the finalization dossier provided by the Investor if the Investor require.

Services are implemented on the basis of complying with the current regulations of the State on the Management of basic construction investment for the types of projects with foreign investment capital, domestic investment capital, respect for existence, reasonable and marketable. The audited report is the basis for the enterprise to complete procedures and steps to approve the investment capital settlement, to approve the value of the final settlement of the completed basic construction investment projects. At the same time, the results of the above services also provide the enterprise with reliable information and documents and data in the selection of investment partners together with the same purposes as evidence for mortgage and transfer, equitization, dissolution and bankruptcy of enterprises under the law.

Investors fully rely on the audit results of the investment capital settlement report
and the completed basic construction projects that we audit.