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According to a new Australian survey of wages, the labor market is giving positive incentives to tax-accounting professionals, who have knowledge of basic and advanced accounting.

If you have been specialized in accounting / auditing at universities, colleges,... congratulations, you have a very good theoretical background, the only thing you need to do right now, that is to equip themselves with 06 months of practical experience by participating in the REFLECTIVE PRACTICE ACCOUNTING COURSE - KTV 02 "YES I CAN", and you, is the number 1 choice of Employer with a solid knowledge base - practical work experience - a 6-month experience certificate at CPA A Chau - certificate of completion and opportunity to access best job opportunities under the support of CPA A Chau;

We believe that students have the right to be trained in the latest method, in the best training conditions, so skip the classroom with the old cramped space,skip the old teaching methods as well. Equally old, let yourself choose a modern, comfortable training room, the class is operated as an accounting room with the chief accountant and you are the accountants;

If you want to get the best position in this industry, you need to find yourself the opportunity to learn from the best people. This is also the thing that A Chau CPA is committed to bring to you, reputable basic accounting courses from leading people.


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